The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts

Our vision is of people close to nature, with land and seas rich in wildlife. Our mission is to bring about living landscapes, living seas and a society where nature matters.

In 25 years, wildlife, wild places and natural habitats will be abundant and thriving. They will be a significant, commonplace and everyday part of the countryside, our towns and cities, our coasts and seas. Our landscape will be full of flowers and alive with birdsong. Wherever you are, you will be able to see and hear wildlife near by, and know that even the most rare, threatened and endangered species have populations that are stable, resilient and recovering.

Out at sea, communities of slow-growing species such as sponges, sea-fans and sea-pens will be re-establishing themselves across much of the seabed; whales, dolphins and porpoises will be abundant and commercial fish stocks will have recovered. The UK will be recognised as somewhere where people live long, healthy, active and fulfilling lives. Among other things, this will be driven by the quality of its natural environment on a global scale and society’s recognition of the contribution it makes to the quality of life, health and prosperity of people living here.

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