Parkinson's UK - Oxford Branch

Parkinson's UK - Oxford Branch

Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. It can mean you can’t move. Can’t eat. Can’t remember. Can’t sleep. With support, we can slow. Can stop. Can reverse. Can cure. We can do. But we can’t do it without you.

We’re close to major breakthroughs. Funding the right research into the most promising treatments, we get closer to a cure every day.

Until then, we're here for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. Fighting for fair treatment and better services. Making everyone see its real impact.

No one should face Parkinson’s alone. We aim:

  • To help and support people with Parkinson’s, their carers, and families in the Oxford area with problems arising from Parkinson’s
  • To provide information and advice on Parkinson’s
  • To help raise funds for research and local branch activities

During the Covid pandemic, whilst we can not meet face-to-face, we are holding a series of online events that will allow us to meet, exercise, take part in music activities, or simply chat.

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