FareShare is the country’s only national food redistribution charity –unique in its reach and capacity to handle vast quantities of all types of food, particularly fresh, chilled and frozen products. In the year to March 2020, FareShare provided food for 57 million meals to almost 11,000 charities. We use surplus food to support vulnerable people ranging from isolated older people at community lunches to schoolchildren at breakfast and afterschool clubs, and people at advice and resource centres and homelessness shelters.

FareShare has a UK-wide network of warehouses, food partners and charity members as well as relationships stretching from grass roots charities and community groups to government.

FareShare food connects people in need with the interventions that address the root causes of hunger, rather than just the symptom. A hot meal may be what brings someone who is struggling to a support centre, but they get more than just comfort and nourishment, they also find the people and services that can help them get back on their feet.

The impact that the incredible amounts of food we are able to redistribute, and the charitable services we are able to facilitate is evident on the small scale – a hungry person getting the food they need – and the grand: FareShare saves the UK economy approximately £50.9 million every year. A small organisation with a huge impact, support for FareShare at any level is magnified by our network and makes a huge difference to hungry and vulnerable people across the UK.

Responding to COVID-19

FareShare has signed up over 2,000 new organisations to receive food since the start of the pandemic in the UK, as new groups were formed, charities pivoted to food service during the crisis, and access to food became a significant problem. The charities we have served since April include food banks and pantries, schools providing food at school and delivered to local families, refuges and other residential services, and a wide range of organisations adapting their provision to lockdown and social distancing.

Changes in the food service sector, and increased awareness of the need for, and use of, surplus food in local communities, meant that FareShare has been able to secure more surplus food than ever before. Food partners increased the amount they provided to FareShare and new suppliers and producers turned to FareShare as the environmentally and socially responsible destination for their surplus food. As restaurants, pubs and catering services closed, the amount of food received from this sector increased – from around 25 tonnes per month before the pandemic to 298 tonnes in March 2020 and 494 tonnes in April 2020.

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